LGBTQ Specific Orientation

Join Child Crisis Arizona for a FREE foster care and adoption orientation specific for the LGBTQ community. The orientation is an informational session that discusses the needs of children in care, what your role in meeting those needs will be, the process of licensing/certification and support/resources offered to foster and adoptive families. Other licensed LGBTQ couples will be there answers questions about their experience as well. RSVPs are not required.


Understanding the Basics of IFSP’s

In Arizona, when an adult is concerned about a child’s development, they can be referred to the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AZEIP) for evaluation. Upon evaluation, if the child is determined to have a disability or developmental delay, they are provided with services through a legal document called an IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan). The IFSP is written with a parent or guardian and outlines the goals for the child, the quantity and duration of services to be provided, and who will provide those services

Father Focused Offerings

Mothers and fathers play different roles in the development of their children. Mothers commonly play the nurturing role and protect their children from the “outside world.” Fathers, on the other hand, are critical in assisting with the separation experience by helping the child safely and securely separate from the intense maternal dependency of infancy.