Group Volunteer Opportunities

Plan an Activity at the Mesa Emergency Children’s Shelters

Groups can plan an activity for our children at our Mesa shelter on Saturdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. or on Thursdays from 9-10 a.m. Groups are limited to 4-6 individuals. Space is limited. Scheduling for activities is done 2-3 months in advance. Groups are not scheduled from Thanksgiving to New Years due to the holidays.

We ask your group to prepare an activity which will be entertaining to the kids and allow for group participation. Your group will gather the necessary supplies and facilitate the activity with the children. If your group would like to volunteer on a more regular basis, we ask that everyone go through the individual volunteer process.

Spruce up our Shelters or Early Education Buildings

Clean and sanitize playgrounds/toys or wash the agency vehicles we use to transport the children. Opportunities are in Mesa and Phoenix. Our staff is always keeping things nice and tidy, but we like to “deep clean” regularly to keep our children healthy. Groups choosing to wash our vehicles will need to bring their own cleaning supplies.

Organize a Collection Drive

Your organization can host a drive for supplies or cash donations. See our Wish List for more information about the items most needed in our shelters and programs or contact our Community Relations Manager at 480-969-2308.

Sign-Up to Volunteer Your Group

Email us at with the name of your group, the service project or activity you have in mind and the location you’d like to visit, Mesa or Phoenix.