Child Crisis Arizona is pleased to be one of 11 non-profits opening up a new workspace inside the newly-formed Community Assistance Resource Center, bringing foster care and adoption and family education services to the west valley.

Child Crisis Arizona staff will be working out of the space, located at 8335 W. Jefferson St. in Peoria, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Tuesdays and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursdays.

At a ribbon-cutting for the new center on Thursday, June 27, Councilmember Bill Patena said this resource has been a long time coming.

“Today begins a new era in the area of amazing service to our citizens,” he said. “Sometimes the city is the first call for citizens who are seeking assistance. Sometimes it’s the last one. Usually, the last call is one of desperation. It’s always very difficult to tell citizens that we could not assist them. We often tried to find help for them but we were never sure if we connected them with someone who could help. I believe those days are over. Citizens will now be able to get the help they need. I know we may not be able to be all things to

A sign outside the Community Assistance Resource Center shows the nonprofits that will be housed there.

all people but this resource center is a step in the right direction.”

Child Crisis Arizona serves all of Maricopa County but this is the first time staff will be located in the West Valley.

“We have many families we serve who travel a great distance to reach us in Phoenix and Mesa,” said Child Crisis Arizona CEO, Torrie Taj. “It’s exciting to be able to have this office space in the West Valley to make our services more accessible to folks in that area.”

The new community assistance resource center is located within an already-existing community center. The center was originally built in 1982 and currently serves residents of all ages with classes, workshops and resources. Eleven non-profits will have staff regularly available at the community center but more than 200 others are also listed in a new printed resource guide the city put together.

“Even with all that we have a community is only as strong as its people,” said Cathy Carlat, Mayor of Peoria. “The wellbeing of every person and every family in our community strengthens our whole community. Beginning today this center will provide the access that we need for the opportunities for health, stability and self-sufficiency… There’s an old saying ‘we rise by lifting others.’ This community center is here to lift. It’s here to boost the very core of our community with the resources to assist our residents to live their very best lives.”

For more information on the resource center call 623-773-7070 or email