Donation Drive Guidelines

  1. Donation Drives must be aligned with our agency mission and vision.
  2. Early notifications that donation drives are taking place are encouraged. Please submit your notification at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your drive.
  3. All donated items must be brand new. They may not be gently used or homemade.
  4. No food drives without the expressed written consent from Child Crisis Arizona. Please call Community Relations at 480-321-8946 for more information.
  5. No stuffed animals. Over time, stuffed animals can accumulate dust mites which may affect our children who suffer from allergies/and or asthma living in the shelter.
  6. The use of Child Crisis Arizona’s name and logo on any promotional materials including but not limited to: press release, flyers, invitations, letters, and websites must be approved by Child Crisis Arizona.