Anna became a licensed foster parent with the intent to provide temporary care but after loving a sibling set for three years she knew she could not say goodbye.

As the adoption day neared, two younger siblings of her children were discovered who also needed a home. Anna felt unsure if she could care for more young children. Her family members stepped forward to keep the siblings close. Anna’s sister offered to take one of the children while her daughter decided to adopt the youngest.

Anna was able to adopt her three children this year. Her daughter, also named Anna, and sister are eager to adopt the two younger siblings in 2022.

The younger Anna shared: “I think it’s a lot more rewarding than it is challenging. Children are children no matter what.”

November is National Adoption Month. During this time we celebrate all the families who have chosen to adopt and bring awareness to the thousands of children in foster care still waiting for their forever family. To learn more about the foster and adoption process please join us for an Agency Meet & Greet/FAQ session