Third Party Event Guidelines

  1. Third Party Events must be aligned with our agency mission and vision.
  2. Early applications are required. Please submit an application at least 6 weeks prior to your event, if not months prior or as soon as you have information.
  3. Event organizers are responsible for obtaining all necessary event permits and liability waivers.
  4. Event organizers must provide their own liability insurance that covers events when necessary.
  5. To protect the privacy of our donors, Child Crisis Arizona will not provide donor contact information.
  6. Child Crisis Arizona requests that event proceeds are delivered no later than 30 days after the Third Party Event.
  7. Child Crisis Arizona is not required to provide financial support of the event.
  8. The use of Child Crisis Arizona’s name and logo on any promotional materials including but not limited to: press release, flyers, invitations, letters, and websites must be approved by Child Crisis Arizona.
  9. Third Party Events are subject to approval. Event organizers must sign the Child Crisis Arizona’s Special Event and Licensing Agreement.