YOUR AZ TAX CREDIT can help foster children

Arizona taxpayers may still support children in foster care through a donation to Child Crisis Arizona as a Qualifying Foster Care Organization (QFCO) until April 18, 2017* and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against your 2016 state tax liability.

The new limits for 2016 Charitable Foster Care Tax Credit allow for up to $500 for single filers and up to $1,000 married/joint filing.

FAQ’s for 2016 Arizona State Taxpayers.

Beginning with the 2016 tax year, credit eligible contributions made to a Qualifying Charitable Organization or Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization that are made on or before April 15th (the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the taxable year) may be applied to either the current or the preceding taxable year and is considered to have been made on the last day of that taxable year.

NOTE: Because calendar year filers have until April 18, 2017, to file their 2016 tax return, these taxpayers also have until April 18, 2017, to make qualifying contributions and claim these credits on their 2016 Arizona return. Donations made in 2017 are not deductible on 2016 federal filings. Please consult with a tax advisor.. The tax credits are available only available to individuals who file taxes in Arizona. 

Click here for a printable donation form.

Tax ID #86-0324144.

The following forms should be completed and included when filing your Arizona tax return:


Arizona Tax Form 301, Instructions

Arizona Tax Form 352, Instructions


Arizona Tax Form 321


For more information please visit the State of Arizona Department of Revenue at AZDOR.GOV.


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