Introducing CHILD CRISIS ARIZONA merging together the 70-year legacy of Crisis Nursery, Inc. and Child Crisis Center. Join us as we grow stronger. Learn more.

Who We Are

Child Crisis Arizona protects the Valley’s most vulnerable children.

Child Crisis Arizona protects the Valley’s most vulnerable children from abuse and neglect and builds stronger families through educational programming and support services. We also provide emergency shelter for children in need at our campuses in Mesa and Phoenix.


We Prevent

Preventing abuse and neglect is critical to building healthy families. We offer parenting education to support families and provide parents the information they need to provide safe, stable homes for their children.

We Advocate

Arizona is currently in a foster care crisis, with nearly 19,000 children seeking homes. We advocate for both children and families to ensure that policy reflects the latest research on how to build stronger families and effectively care for children in crisis.

We Support

Child Crisis Arizona educates caregivers through parenting courses and early childhood education programs. We also license, train and support foster and adoptive families. Our Emergency Shelter provides temporary housing for children in crisis. Since 1974, we have housed over 29,000 children in a loving, supportive environment.

In 2015, Child Crisis Center and Crisis Nursery, Inc. combined to form one of the largest agencies of its kind in Arizona. Combining our agencies created a stronger organization that is better able to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.

Child Crisis Arizona serves families by preventing abuse and neglect, advocating for the needs of families and children, and supporting parents, caregivers and children in times of need.

Child Crisis Arizona puts the need of children first. Our programs are developed with community needs in mind and have changed as needs have shifted. Throughout our history, we have provided a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere where families can seek help at any stage of their parenting journey.

Our wide range of services give us the ability to help any family at any time. We build safety nets for families in crisis and provide care for children so that they have a chance to succeed. Our programs work closely together to ensure families are getting the help they need.


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