Child Crisis Arizona is thrilled to be named the lead agency for Safe Kids of Maricopa County, adding accidental injury prevention activities and classes to our list of family education programs.

Since 1994, Safe Kids Maricopa County (SKMC) has educated parents and caregivers on the importance of safety when children are near pools, walking or riding bicycles, and riding in vehicles. They’ve also supported work to create safe home environments for children, ranging from fire protection to proper storage of common yet hazardous items. Safe Kids Maricopa County is perhaps best known for its work in vehicular safety, holding annual car seat safety checks, recycling old car seats, and donating car seats to families.

After more than two decades operating out of Maricopa County’s Department of Public Health, it was decided another agency may have the ability to leverage more resources to better serve this cause. Child Crisis Arizona is pleased to take the lead in this initiative.

“We are excited about adding the Safe Kids program to our family education programs,” said Torrie Taj, CEO of Child Crisis Arizona. “We look forward to expanding our car seat, home and fire, water, and pedestrian education. This program will enhance our current focus on prevention as we strive to serve more families throughout Maricopa County.”

Through Safe Kids Maricopa County a full-time staff person manages a coalition of organizations committed to informing the public about common accidental childhood injuries through classes and activities. With the transition, Child Crisis Arizona will take on these responsibilities.

Accidental injury is the leading cause of death in children 14 and under. SKMC aims to prevent these accidental injuries through education to children and families. Safe Kids Maricopa County is one of 450 coalitions in 16 countries that brings together health and safety experts, educators, corporations, foundations, governments, and volunteers to protect families. SKMC is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide.