Advocate for Kids

In conjunction with National Adoption Month, Child Crisis Arizona is working to find foster children their forever families by certifying and training adoptive families.

On November 19, at Durango Juvenile Court Center, Child Crisis Arizona will celebrate eight children who will officially be adopted into Child Crisis Arizona families along with approximately 283 more children who will be adopted through their representing agencies.

“Child Crisis Arizona is committed to its vision of safe kids and strong families. We serve children in out-of-home care by licensing and certifying individuals and parents for foster care and adoption. The range of services and support along with realistic training prepares families for the placement of children of all ages and backgrounds,” says Torrie A. Taj, CEO of Child Crisis Arizona. “We serve single and two-parent families of all religious beliefs, ethnicities and sexual orientations. We hold family events throughout the year including holiday-themed parties, family zoo day, summer camp and off-site events in an effort to encourage our families to build supportive relationships with one another. In addition, we provide children with new clothes, toys, school supplies and other basic items throughout the year,” continues Taj.quote-top

Child Crisis Arizona is committed to helping children in out-of-home care by licensing and certifying parents for foster care and


Things to Know:

  • If a family chooses to adopt from the foster care system it’s free except for an $800 home study fee that is reimbursed to the family once the adoption is finalized.
  • Child Crisis Arizona’s supports and services are available to families throughout the whole process even following finalization.
  • Families can participate in support groups or fun family events throughout the year. Child Crisis Arizona supports families at every step of the way, even post adoption.

Want More Information?

If you are considering adoption, please call us at 480.834.9424. Also learn more about foster care and adoption here: .