Children coming into the foster care system have a lot to be worried and confused about but for teenagers the situation reaches a new level of chaos as they are often the most difficult population to find homes for. That’s why Child Crisis Arizona is excited to acquire a group home for 10 boys ages 10-15 in the foster care system.

A typical, licensed group home is located in a residential neighborhood. Besides having a 15-passenger van parked in the driveway, the homes are indistinguishable from any other in the neighborhood. Inside, rooms provide space for nearly a dozen children to sleep safely and staff provide for the children’s needs and transport them to medical appointments, school and other activities.

The new Child Crisis Arizona group home will be getting a huge makeover over the next few months. Everything top to bottom from flooring, painting, landscaping and furnishing will be renovated to make the space bright and comfortable. 

This new group home is part of the growth initiative Child Crisis Arizona has in place to expand foster care services to the teen population . Over the next few years, we have plans to serve additional children and families in the child welfare system.