At the age of 13, Allistar found himself in a position that many teens in foster care face. Due to no fault of his own, he had to leave the foster home he’d been living in for years and move in with a new foster family. While many teens struggle as they transition into a new living situation, Allistar was fortunate to be placed with the Palmer family who opened their home and hearts to him.

Living in a safe and loving home with the support of his foster family, Allistar experienced all of the typical teen “firsts” such as learning to drive, getting the first job, and going to prom. They even helped him get his first car. Because teens in foster care may switch schools due to their changing living situation or lack the support provided in a stable home environment, they are three times more likely to drop out of high school compared to their peers. Nationally, only 50% of teens in foster care complete high school or get a GED. Allistar excelled academically and socially, and as he walked across the stage to accept his high school diploma, the Palmer family was there to celebrate his accomplishments.

As teens age out of the foster care system, many struggle with the transition to adulthood because they don’t have that vital guidance as they make important life decisions and plan for their future. The Palmers continue to be there for Allistar. They helped him research universities, took him to tour the different colleges in Arizona, and assisted him in completing scholarship applications. Only 15% of foster children will attend college, and fewer than 3% will earn a college degree. Allistar decided to attend Arizona State University where he has been able to manage a full academic course load and work. Though he lives in a dorm room on campus, he returns home to spend time with the Palmer family on weekends and to celebrate holidays.

Allistar is graduating from ASU this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and has a bright future ahead of him. Thanks to the Palmers, Allistar flourished and found the stability and support he needed as he navigated the teen years. And as he continues to achieve many “firsts” as an adult, he has a caring, supportive family by his side and warm place to call home!

Thousands of teens in Arizona are in need of a foster family. If you would like more information about becoming a foster parent through Child Crisis Arizona, please visit our foster care and adoption information page.