Volunteers make the day-to-day operations of Child Crisis Arizona possible.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

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There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, ranging from direct care with children in the shelters, to supporting our prevention programs.

All individual volunteers must be at least 18 years old and complete the volunteer process.

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Emergency Children’s Shelter Volunteer

Volunteers in the Emergency Children’s Shelters spend time playing with the kids and assisting staff with day-to-day tasks. They are able to provide one-on-one attention to children in need.

One- year commitment required, volunteering one shift per week. Shifts are 2-3 hours long, 7 days a week. Level one fingerprint clearance card and TB test required.

Special Activities Volunteers

Special Activities Volunteers provide programming for the children in our Emergency Children’s Shelters. Programming can include but is not limited to: art, dance, science, and music.

One-year commitment required, volunteering one shift per month. Shift length, day and time depend on the program. Level one fingerprint card required.

Early Education Services Volunteer

Volunteers in Early Education spend time assisting Early Education teachers with classroom activities. They may lead smaller groups of children in classroom projects.

One-year commitment required, volunteering one shift per week. Shifts are 3-5 hours long, Monday through Friday. Level one fingerprint card and TB test required.

Program Support Volunteer

Other programs utilize volunteers, including assisting with childcare, event support, clerical support, scrapbooking, and other opportunities as they arise.

Attend an orientation for more information about these opportunities.

How To Become a Volunteer

Step 1: Attend an orientation

All orientations are held at 817 N. Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Please register to attend an orientation by contacting Beth Price, Volunteer and Corporate Partnerships Manager, at (480) 834-9424 or Beth.Price@childcrisisaz.org.

  • Monday, April 13th–Cancelled
  • Tuesday, May 12th

All orientations start promptly at the times listed above. If you are planning on attending an orientation, please be sure to arrive on time or slightly early to avoid missing important information!

If you are unable to attend our volunteer orientation please reach out to Beth Price, Volunteer and Corporate Partnerships Manager, at (480) 834-9424 or Beth.Price@childcrisisaz.org and she will be happy to assist you.

Step 2: Complete an application

Volunteer application packets and instructions will be made available to prospective volunteers on the night of orientation!

*A Level 1 fingerprint clearance card is required. If you have lived outside Arizona in the past 5 years, additional background checks will be necessary.

Step 3: Participate in an interview

After all the paperwork is received, we’ll coordinate an in-person interview to get to know you better and determine your area of interest.

Step 4: Attend training

Once we determine which program you’ll be helping with, we’ll arrange any necessary training.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

See the variety of volunteer opportunities for groups below.

Volunteer at Special Events

Partner with our program staff to create unforgettable experiences for the children and families we serve! Contact Beth Price at Beth.Price@childcrisisaz.org to learn more about how your group can help provide support at one of the many playgroups, family activity nights and other events we provide throughout the year.

Volunteer Spotlight

Kathy Jones was looking for something to keep her busy and active after retirement from ASU when she stumbled across Child Crisis Arizona in 2011. She jumped right in to working with the kids in the Emergency Shelter’s Tiny Tots and since then has logged over 3,537 hours of volunteer time.

From helping with organizing, cleaning and reading to the kids, Kathy does a little bit of everything with the Tiny Tots. Her favorite moments are the times she gets to spend interacting with the kids.

“For me it doesn’t matter what I do but of course I’m there for the children,” she said. “The best part is when they’ll sit down with me and read a book or do a puzzle. I love that interaction. Just knowing they like you and feel comfortable sitting with you is such a big deal for me.”

Over the years Kathy said she has seen many children come and go through the shelter. She loves attending their Thanksgiving meal and helping with small field trips they may go on.

“They are just so happy there,” she said. “It makes me happy, being there. They are sweet children and just so loveable! I just don’t know what I would have done all these years without this experience.”

Questions about volunteering?

Email Beth.Price@childcrisisaz.org.
*The estimated dollar value of volunteer time is $24.69 per hour for 2016, according to the Independent Sector, a coalition of charities, foundations, corporations, and individuals that publishes research important to the nonprofit sector.

All decisions with respect to selecting volunteers will be at the sole discretion of Child Crisis Arizona. Child Crisis Arizona reserves the right to accept or reject any volunteer applicant for any reason, at any time during the application or onboarding process.

How to Get Started

Contact our Volunteer and Corporate Partnerships Manager, Beth Price, for membership information at Beth.Price@childcrisisaz.org.

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