Good shoes can take you to amazing places. Amanda Goossen and her family know this to be true and it’s because of their hard work that just this year, their annual Good Soles Shoe Drive collected more than 900 pairs of new shoes!

Amanda and family started the Good Soles Shoe Drive over seven years ago and have donated over 2,000 shoes – and the Goossen family doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Their goal is to continue to grow by bringing the community together to raise funds to purchase shoes for youth and children who are in desperate need.

Each family member plays a vital role in this shoe drive. Their son, Colin, organizes the donations and tracks inventory. Daughter Sophia, helps coordinate and purchase shoes from fundraising. Husband and father, Craig, brings the community together to support this incredible drive while mother and founder, Amanda, rallies students at her school to get involved and learn some entrepreneur skills as well.

Amanda’s “Volunteer of the Summer” challenge for students at Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School encourages 6th and 7th grade students to come up with a plan to raise money and collect shoes. Some students sold snacks at their summer sports games or offered services like pet sitting and cleaning to earn donations.

This summer Olivia was one of the students in the program. She raised money by doing yardwork and selling some of her original artwork and was able to contribute 59 pairs of shoes.

“Olivia walked away from the shoe drive with a sense of the power she has to make a direct, positive impact on someone’s life, practical life skills, and a couple extra spots of paint on her carpet,” her mom shared.

The Goossen family exemplifies what it means to bring people together to work towards a greater cause. This shoe drive has become a family tradition they look forward to each year.

“It allows us to devote some of our summer to something other than ourselves. I hope it has shown our children that giving back can be something you do year after year that can make a large impact without a large struggle,” Amanda said. “It’s easy to give to others, and I hope they always remember that.”

Donation drives help provide much needed items to kids in our care. To host your own donation drive, please contact Atasha Hill, Community Giving Manager, Atasha.Hill@childcrisisaz.og. For more information visit our Wish List page