Since August of 2018 24/7 Intouch employees have provided over 400 hours of service to Child Crisis Arizona. The employees have volunteered to help with a variety of projects but they help most consistently with Child Crisis Arizona’s Family Activities. These special events provide an opportunity for families in the community, regardless of their income, to enjoy several hours of hands on activities, crafts and snacks.

24/7 Intouch employees have not only given of their time to make the events possible but they’ve truly made connections with the families that attend the events. Several kids who attend the events regularly look forward to the times when 24/7 Intouch employees are manning the stations.

24/7 Intouch has proven their strong commitment to giving back through volunteering. The organization has over 100 employees who volunteer and they are always willing to step in when they can be of service. Thank you, 24/7 Intouch for giving so much to your community!