Kathy Jones was looking for something to keep her busy and active after retirement from ASU when she stumbled across Child Crisis Arizona in 2011. She jumped right in to working with the kids in the Emergency Shelter’s Tiny Tots and since then has logged over 3,537 hours of volunteer time.

From helping with organizing, cleaning and reading to the kids, Kathy does a little bit of everything with the Tiny Tots. Her favorite moments are the times she gets to spend interacting with the kids.

“For me it doesn’t matter what I do but of course I’m there for the children,” she said. “The best part is when they’ll sit down with me and read a book or do a puzzle. I love that interaction. Just knowing they like you and feel comfortable sitting with you is such a big deal for me.”

Over the years Kathy said she has seen many children come and go through the shelter. She loves attending their Thanksgiving meal and helping with small field trips they may go on.

“They are just so happy there,” she said. “It makes me happy, being there. They are sweet children and just so loveable! I just don’t know what I would have done all these years without this experience.”