Margaret Dunn is a committed and caring volunteer in our shelter program. Every week she spends a few hours with the Big Kids, helping with homework, playing games and getting to know them.

“They’re at an age where they are inquisitive and they are funny and they have big personalities,” she said. “For me, it’s not only fun because they are super cool and have great personalities but I just think it effects them differently than the younger kids in that they understand more. I think they need a little extra. They are such a kick. They bring me joy.”

Margaret first volunteered 21 years ago but took a break to raise her family and build her transportation business. When her son went off to college she was eager to get back to volunteering, despite a busy work schedule and travel plans. She has found joy in sharing her travels with the kids at the shelter and telling them stories about far-off destinations.

Margaret said her time in the shelter gives her perspective for all of life’s challenges.

“My business has been greatly affected by COVID,” she said. “My challenges and the things I think are hard do not even hold a candle to what is actually hard. Everything will come back for my business. In the meantime it’s important to keep positive. If I have a percentage of the resilience the kids have I’ll be just fine. The fact that they are there and laughing and smiling and playing around is just awe inspiring to me.”