“I want them to know that they are perfect the way they are,” says Ny’Kol Dillon, Child Crisis Arizona Emergency Children’s Shelter volunteer. Ny’Kol, who is studying to become a pharmacist, first became involved with Child Crisis Arizona to fulfill community service volunteer requirements for her college program. She quickly formed a bond with the kids and decided to become a regular volunteer working with 7 to 10-year-olds living in the Big Kids House. She commutes from Casa Grande to volunteer at the shelter once a week and has given more than 135 hours of her time, compassion and talents.

“I like working with the Big Kids because they need you the most,” says Ny’Kol. “These kids are lost and they need fragile hands.”

Ny’Kol likes to share her personal story of resilience and determination to inspire the kids to “do whatever they want.” She has first-hand experience dealing with abuse and understands the circumstances many of the kids have been in. Because of a side-effect of treatment for a serious illness, Ny’Kol is partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair. She’s also a full-time college student who balances school and work, and still finds time to give back to the community.

Not only is Ny’Kol an outstanding role model, but she’s also a thoughtful and caring friend. As she sits with the kids after school and helps them with homework, she listens to their stories and asks them what they need from her. She also enjoys engaging the kids in activities that are educational and creative. During one conversation, they started talking about space and she noticed their excitement. A few weeks later, she and the kids made solar system models.

“They worked on the models for three hours and were so proud of them!” Ny’Kol explains. “We’re talking about doing more fun projects in the future.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Child Crisis Arizona, please visit our Volunteer Page.