At Child Crisis Arizona we operate Early Head Start programs in Phoenix and Mesa as well as a Preschool program in Phoenix.

We have expanded Early Head Start to Mesa, welcoming 48 children in six new classrooms and 64 children and pregnant women in our home-based service. Child Crisis Arizona also operates a year-round Early Head Start and Preschool in Phoenix, serving prenatal moms and children to age 5. Family Support Specialists work with families through prenatal, home-based and center-based visits.

Preschool - Child Crisis Arizona

Billy’s mom was
referred to our
preschool program
after bad behavior
but our teachers
didn’t give up on him,
and six months later
he is a different child
and succeeding in

The program is based on meeting the following goals for children and families:

  • Promote healthy child development
  • Help parents build strong relationships with their child
  • Connect children and families with needed community resources
  • Support families as they move towards self-sufficiency

Benefits for Children

  • Low teacher-child ratios.
  • Small group sizes ensure that services are individualized.
  • Support through parent education, child advocacy and training opportunities.
  • A myriad opportunities to develop physical, social and emotional skills.

Benefits for Parents

  • Guidance and support to build strong families through parent education, child advocacy training and connections with community services.
  • Parents are welcome in the classroom.
  • Family Support Specialist works with families through prenatal, home-based and center-based visits.



  • Children ages 0-3 that live in ZIP codes 85008 and 85006
  • Children ages 3-5 that meet our program eligibility requirements


  • Children ages 0-3 that live in the area of the 101 to the West of Greenfield and the US 60 to the North of 202.


Call 602.889.6165.

5-star Rating by the State of Arizona’s “First Things First”