We’ve kept children and youth safe for 47 years through our Emergency Residential Shelters.

Emergency Children’s Shelters

Child Crisis Arizona operates the only licensed Emergency Children’s Shelter facility for children ages 2 through 10 in Maricopa County. The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. Children are placed in the shelter through referrals from the Arizona Department of Child Safety and Tribal Social Services, and by community members who for whatever reason may not be able to provide care for their child and need a safe place temporarily.

More than just a place to sleep, Child Crisis Arizona’s home-like shelter meets all of a child’s needs. Specially trained staff and volunteers provide help, comfort, care, and support.

Children in the shelter receive:

  • Nurturing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Balanced meals and healthy snacks
  • Clothing and personal care items
  • Medical screenings and attention to health issues, including vaccinations and visits to the doctor and dentists as needed
  • Educational support and counseling

While kids are at the shelter, they participate in activities like art, music, dancing and swimming lessons, as well as visits from therapy dogs. Through the generosity of our donors and community partners, children at the shelter and in our foster and adoption programs may also attend field trips to museums, cultural events, attractions and family-friendly activities.

Parents and caregivers experiencing an emergency may rely on the shelter if no other care options are available. The program is open to anyone in need of help caring for their children, based on availability.


If you are in need of help, please contact (480) 834-9424

Child Crisis Arizona’s Group Home

Teens in the foster care system are often underserved. Child Crisis Arizona’s group home provides around-the-clock, wraparound care to teenage boys in the foster care system, ages 10-18, giving them the opportunity to learn life skills they need to move forward in life.

 While living in this home the boys are cared for physically and mentally and given every opportunity possible to be the teens that they are. Please see our wishlist for ideas about how you can help make life more enjoyable for these young men!

Refugee Resettlement Program

Child Crisis Arizona’s unaccompanied minors shelter program is a compassionate solution for young children arriving at the border after losing connection with their caretakers. Child Crisis Arizona serves children ages 0-17, including teenage mothers, providing around-the-clock care and education until these youth can be reunified with a sponsor in the US. This program is funded through a federal contract with the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

If you suspect a child may be suffering from abuse or neglect

Please call the Arizona Department of Child Safety’s Child Abuse Hotline:

(888) 767-2445 (1-888-SOS-CHILD), TDD: (602) 530-1831




Thalia’s Story

“They weren’t just staff to me, they were my guardian angels.”

“The first few years of my life can only be described as precarious. The two adults who were supposed to be superheroes in my eyes instead turned out to be more concerned with drugs, alcohol and, for an unfathomable reason, hurting my brothers and I.

At 5 years old, this unsteady cycle of neglect and abuse came to an abrupt halt when Child Crisis Arizona took me into their open arms, and let me tell you, even though I did not realize it at the time, I had never taken a bigger sigh of relief.”

Read Thalia’s adoption story.