Child Crisis Arizona Board of Directors

Doug Diehl, Board Chair
Cynthia Coffman, External Affairs Chair
Louis J. Basile, Jr.
Alesha Nicole Corey
Katherine M. Dei Cas
Nicole Garcia
Frank Gorman
Henry Hoffer
Mary Riley Michel
Noelle A. Miller
Lisa Nothum
Karilee S. Ramaley, Governance Chair
Cliff Richeson
Bryan N. Sandler
Byron Sarhangian
Timothy J. Stocker
Eileen Sullivan
Larry Wilk, Finance & Internal Affairs Chair
Laura E. Montijo
Emily Koslow
Torrie A. Taj, Chief Executive Officer

Child Crisis Arizona Announces Merger of its Supporting Foundations

“As it has for more than twenty years, Child Crisis Arizona Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance to Child Crisis Arizona so that it can continue to provide safety for the Valley’s children who have experienced abuse and neglect as well as creating strong and successful families. The Foundation will help to secure and invest planned and legacy gifts that will ensure the agency’s vision becomes a reality,” said Ron Nelson, foundation president.

Child Crisis Arizona Foundation

Child Crisis Arizona Foundation Board

Ron Nelson, President
Ira Schwartz, Secretary
Craig King, Treasurer
Bill Arthur
Bruce Hart
Keith Paulson
Rebecca Burnham
Dr. Ron Sandler
Doug Diehl
Herman Lewkowitz
Joe Haddow
Bill Halsted
Karilee Ramaley