Supporters of Child Crisis Arizona

Child Crisis Arizona relies on the generosity of our donors

UPS Freight Logo

The employees at UPS Freight love helping their community. The call to contribute to the greater good is built into UPS core values which asks all employees to be good citizens in the communities they serve.

This year, the local UPS Freight team raised over $23,000 to help Child Crisis Arizona further its vision of Safe Kids, Strong Families. Child Crisis Arizona first visited the UPS Freight team just three years ago. But, the compassion and generosity of these UPS Freight employees started strong and grew exponentially. They’ve raised progressively more each year – a trend we hope will continue for years to come.

“I know Child Crisis Arizona’s value firsthand,” said UPS Freight Service Center Manager and former Child Crisis Arizona foster parent Steve Haage. “They serve the kids and the parents. Their support is incredible. There is always someone there to help.”

Thanks to UPS Freight and its amazing employees for choosing to stand with Child Crisis Arizona to end child abuse and neglect. The success of this campaign is a testament to the power UPS Freight employees have to act as a force for good.