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Supporter Spotlight: Yvonne Debeauville and Roger Hill

Yvonne Debeauville and Roger Hill are passionate advocates for abused and neglected children. Yvonne first became involved with Child Crisis Arizona in 2016 as a volunteer working on the annual gala with a women’s service group, “The Friends of Child Crisis Arizona.”

“Child Crisis Arizona is so caring and tender with each of the children, and yet at the same time, Child Crisis is so thoughtful and strategic in the way they serve their mission,” Roger said. “We love the brave and caring way that Child Crisis Arizona faces and serves the needs of these deserving children”.

She and Roger made their first joint gift to the agency in 2018.

Since then Yvonne and Roger have taken tours of the Emergency Children’s Shelter and Early Education Programs and have become more & more committed in their philanthropic efforts. They have specifically focused their support on both early education and prevention education.

Though Yvonne and Roger reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, they commute regularly to Phoenix where Yvonne once called home. When asked why they have such big hearts for Child Crisis Arizona, Yvonne said: “Blessings are for sharing, and who better to share with than children in need?”

Thank you, Yvonne and Roger, for being a blessing to vulnerable children and families in Arizona!

A Very Special Thank You

To all of the generous donors who have made Honorarium and Memorial Gifts to Child Crisis Arizona as a tribute to a friend, relative, loved one or colleague.

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